Over 40% of Americans experience heartburn and acid reflux conditions. Many people are still under the belief that heartburn and acid reflux are caused by too much acidity in the stomach. Hey, I was one of them and suffered from heartburn and acid reflux for years. What we don’t realize is that these conditions are actually a sign of a lack of acidity in the stomach. The more we suppress the stomach acid, the more it will want to replace the lack of stomach acid.

See, how the stomach is meant to be acidic. If it isn’t acid enough, it can’t break down the foods that we eat – especially meat. When we don’t break down these foods, we land up with undigested foods in our stomach and digestive system. This leads to undigested foods just sitting in there, rotting away. Who wants that right?

Could This Be the Real Reason for Constant Heartburn

I recently discovered that my frequent heartburn was actually caused by something far more simple than my body simply not producing enough stomach acid. See, I took the stuff that is supposed to give your stomach acid, so it has enough – you know the one: Betaine Hydrochloride. It didn’t work. I then discovered that a lack of iodine could also be the cause of low stomach acid. Therefore, I took some iodine, and that didn’t work either.

As I dug deeper and deeper and did more research, I discovered something far more simple but perhaps less comforting to some. A foreign organism living in my stomach lining caused all of my symptoms of low stomach acid. Yip, it is called H.Pylori, and it lives in the lining of the stomach. This bacteria is the reason for almost 70% of all heartburn causes, and yet, we don’t seem to know about it.

It lowers stomach acid, and it also eats up all those valuable nutrients that we are feeding our bodies – all the good organic food was just going to this dude living in my stomach!

Could This Be the Real Reason for Constant Heartburn

The solution to the killing of H.Pylori was incredibly simple. All I had to do was take some Mastic Gum and Oregano Oil tablets for 2 months. The ache between my rib cage disappeared, and I no longer suffer from heartburn or acid reflux.

I find it frustrating that so many of us suffer from heartburn and acid reflux for years and years and are simply suppressing this nasty bacteria living in our stomach lining.