Taking an antacid or more to eliminate periodic acid reflux discomfort usually poses no problems. Just like just about any kind of medication though, you won’t want to bring them for lengthy amounts of time. It states directly on the label it’s only intended for short-term use.

You will find essentially three various kinds of antacids. They include calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, and magnesium hydroxide. Each kind causes slightly different effects when come to combat chronic acid reflux discomfort.

Beware the Long-Term Effects of Taking Antacids

You wouldn’t want there to become not enough stomach acidity. If there’s, your body may be unable to absorb calcium out of your food. Because the bones need calcium to keep density, bone softening is really, a possibility discover getting enough calcium.

Antacids, which contain calcium because the primary component help to keep this from happening, but additionally result in a couple of lengthy-term effects. Should you start absorbing an excessive amount of calcium, it’ll harm the body in a variety of ways. Hypercalcemia would be the primary concern, with kidney failure being possible too. Because the kidneys are processing a lot more calcium, gemstones may develop.

These lengthy-term results of taking antacids aren’t most likely unless of course you are taking them for any very lengthy time. Minor effects happen more frequently and can include constipation, elevated peeing, and nausea at occasions. You may even taste an uncomfortable style of the mouth area.

Beware the Long-Term Effects of Taking Antacids

Another two kinds of antacids may cause a few of these same negative effects of lengthy-term antacid use too. They present a couple of other options like weight reduction and appetite loss. Frequent headaches and stomach cramps will also be possible should you utilize these medications for too lengthy.

With regards to restricting stomach acidity, antacids are practically nothing in comparison with proton pump inhibitors. You certainly don’t wish to take these more effective medications for extended periods. Probably the most popular brands of those medications include Prilosec and Prevacid.

Many are available over-the-counter, while some need a prescription. When used lengthy-term, you might have difficulties with appetite loss, diarrhea, and nausea.

Beware the Long-Term Effects of Taking Antacids

Whenever your digestive tract is working correctly, you should not suffer from chronic acid reflux discomfort. If you’re coping with it, then it is better if you talk to your physician to find out exactly what’s happening.

It might be something very simple that you could change. A general change in diet helps many people prevent chronic acid reflux discomfort. Regardless of what, you certainly don’t wish to depend on antacids to handle the condition, especially after researching the lengthy-term results of taking antacids.